7th Filipino Reader Convention Cebu: The Pygmy Diaries

7th FilReaderCon

If you weren’t at the 7th FilReaderCon Cebu last November 18, you missed a full day of books, freebies, and amazing authors!

FilReaderCon Cebu

FilReaderCon, or Filipino Reader Convention, is an event for readers made by readers, it was a full day of people who shared their love for the written word, as well as a day for free books. With their theme inspired by the musical Hamilton, Young, Scrappy and Hungry, it was definitely a day worth spent.

And if you, unfortunately, did miss it, here’s a quick recap of everything:

Author Panels

Authors of both romance and young adult books shared their thoughts on hot topics like how reading YA inspires them to give a voice to teens, as well as using more strong-willed women characters in their books.

Live Readings

The authors and readers alike tuned in to listen to books coming alive as voice actors and actresses read out loud portions of the books, enticing the fans to listen to their favorite characters.

Book Swap Cebu

For those who were brave enough to give away their old books for a new one, Book Swap Cebu was there to help bookworms who needed fresh grub for their bookshelves. It was basically getting a free book right there!

Poetry Reading

We filled our souls with lyrical poems from various participants who poured out their thoughts and ideas to the attendees, capturing our attention to their tales of woe and happiness.

Free books

Speaking of free books, the event was full of chances to get a free book. When you sign up, you can choose from one of the books given by Penguin and Hachette Publishing. And then you get another chance at another book through the raffle. And finally, at the end of the event, the hosts put all the remaining books at the center of the area and had us race to grab a new book, Hunger Games style!

I now have more books to review <3

Amazing Booths

It was a good thing I set aside some money for the event because the booths there were freaking amazing. From books to stickers to postcards, I fulfilled a lot of my fandom fantasies!


FilReaderCon was definitely a day I’ll remember! Have you ever attended an event like this? Share your thoughts below:

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