6 word stories

Following the mighty footsteps of Ernest Hemingway who wrote a story with six words for a bet worth ten dollars (the story is found here) , I have put my writing skills to the test. I have written ten stories with six words,some of them an inspiration from a movie, since unlike Hemingway my life hasn’t been that dramatic. Enjoy!

  1. He cheated. She won the lottery. 
  2. A wedding. “Bridal march” never played.
  3. He died. She could see him.
  4. His leg snapped. Best selling book.
  5. After years of waiting, “I do.”
  6. Years of writing. Pen finally breaks.
  7. Unsinkable ship. Love frozen in time.
  8. The basketball player. Rejected by bookworm.
  9. She loves him. He loves Luke.
  10. A funeral. Five wives. Eighteen children.

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27 Replies to “6 word stories”

  1. i have to try that…. 😀

  2. Haha. What a change that would be from writing a whole novel! Cool idea.

  3. I like it, very clever and very poetic.

  4. Wow! This is pretty cool! Now I want to try it! My favorite is number 1!! Lol

  5. Duane Osceola says:

    Hey I like that! I'll give it try!

  6. Clever idea. I love Hemingway!

  7. Hahahahha…. that is very cool! I didn't know Hemingway made a bet like that… and he won.

  8. That is pretty cool! 🙂

  9. I saw something like this at Coach Eli's place too, and it is such a fun concept to play around with it!! You did great.

  10. That is a fun concept. Number nine made me laugh.

  11. Great idea. My husband writes, I'll have to suggest this to him.

  12. I did one of these in a college writing class about a bee. I can't remember it though :/

  13. I'm still laughing at #1. He cheated, she won the lottery. What irony!

  14. What a fun activity. This would be great to do with my kids who are still in school.

  15. That is so clever not sure I would be able to do just 6 words though I seem to have trouble keeping things short! x

  16. I remember reading about the short story in my Lit class in college. I love that you gave it a try and came up with some really cool "stories" yourself. You could make sequels on some of those! LOL!

  17. You did great. Loved them all. <br /><br />We came. We liked. We commented! 🙂

  18. This is cool! I have to try doing this too. 🙂

  19. What a cool post! I think I saw this floating on FB too

  20. How fun! I am just not this creative but you did a great job!

  21. Great job on this. I don&#39;t know if I would be able to come up with much. I love yours some of them cracked me up.

  22. Great job. I have to try this.

  23. Oh wow this seems challenging but I love writing and using my creativity. I&#39;ve never heard of a 6 word story before. Pretty cool. I recognized one of them from a movie, that was neat. I bet it would be a lot of fun to try and describe movies with 6 words too. Something tells me I&#39;ll be mentally doing this today 🙂

  24. Great idea , simple yet fun.

  25. So cool and it is challenging to write a six word stories. You did it!

  26. love it, great idea xx

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