What’s your 2018 theme?

I was watching an interview with Arriane Serafico by Bianca Gonzalez and step two of her goal-setting process inspired me: picking a theme for the year.

Simply put, since we usually set goals for 2018 and most of the time we can’t memorize all of them, Arriane suggested picking an overall theme to label your upcoming year.

Arriane goes on to explain it that she looks at her life as a big book, and each year is a chapter. And picking out your theme is picking out the chapter name for it.

That way you can align your goals and resolutions to this, as well as plan out your year with your theme.

Yesterday, while I was going through my goals for 2018, I realized my 2018 theme: intentional growth.

Last 2017 was full of challenges and growth, but not on purpose. This year I am aiming to travel more, learn new skills and start a business.

All three are intentional if you want to accomplish them, even if I don’t know how I’ll be able to do it.

I’ve learned that when you set an intention out into the universe, you’re more focused and you’re also helping out the universe make your goals come true.

It’s better than letting life pass you by and not grabbing it making it what you want it to be.


How about you? If you could pick out your 2018 theme, what would it be?

If you’d like to read to read the rest of Arriane’s goal setting process, click here.

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