2 years and two months countdown!

So I may or may have not been neglecting my blog for the past two months. In between studying for exams, making an advertisement and finishing my second book, I never realised that my blog turned two! And even though I missed it, I’m going to celebrate the two year and two months anniversary instead this June! (Because I don’t trust myself to post on the 2 years and 1 month day which is during an exam)(And it’s 3 days from now!)

Today I’m going to write about what has got me busy for the past two months. The good things only, of course.

First off, on March I submitted an application for a National Writing Workshop. And guess what, I got in! You can read about this workshop more here.

Secondly, I entered my poem “The Sea” to a literary magazine, and I got in that too! Watch the launch on their website here.

Thirdly, we had two exhibits to open because to finish our school requirement. It opened AT LAST on Friday!

Advertising Exhibit

“Joy” Exhibit
(Yes, I made a large pencil)

And lastly, I may or may have not chopped my hair again. It’s just so hot!

Surprise announcement! My book Less Than Three is only $0.99 again! Buy it for me pleeeeeease?:D

COUNTDOWN to the DImperfectPrincess-Imperfect is Beautiful Two years and two months anniversary start today!

Countdown Clocks

And of course, HAPPY MOM’S DAY to all Mommies out there!

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10 Replies to “2 years and two months countdown!”

  1. I am loving the new hair style! You rock short hair! We've missed you around here, but you certainly HAVE been busy. Wow.

  2. wow you have been busy. Happy mother's Day to the women in your family.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on turning two plus! And it is wonderful that your pieces are being accepted and to that workshop as well. Looks like you have been pretty busy! Good for you

  4. Well it looks like some great reasons that you have took some time away from your blog. Congrats on all the good news!!!

  5. Neglecting the blog to study for exams and to focus on other responsibilities.

  6. Happy Mother's day! Wow, I never really track my blog lol! But congrats!

  7. You have been super busy and what a lot of accomplishments you have done. Can not wait for the party, congrats on making it 2 years.

  8. Wow, what a busy girl you are. Congratulations on your writing workshop approval and your magazine entry!

  9. Wow! What a busy and very good past couple of months for you! Congrats!! And your short cut looks great … it IS already so. hot. I'm thinking this hot in MAY? Pleeeaassse I hope this does not mean what I'm thinking it might mean about the upcoming summer!!

  10. Congrats on all your good news! Your hair is adorable, too– and I just picked up Less Than Three for my Kindle because I loved your writing in the story about surviving the floods.

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