AirBnb Reviews: Pillow Talk Hostel, Singapore


As it was my fifth time to use AirBnb, I knew what to do when going to an unknown city: look for a place that was near a landmark that was close to everything else. And for my trip to Singapore, we picked a place that was near Little India, since there were multiple MRTs nearby for us to hop on and get on another side of the city. Pillow Talk Hostel came highly recommended since I was booking for 10 people, and we were all curious as to how it would be like to be in a capsule hotel. When […]

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Anna Kendra: Traveling through interviews

Anna Kendra

Anna Kendra was born and brought up in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Although she had never dreamed of becoming a professional author, she has always had a creative mind. Her passion for writing was born when she realized that one painting alone can’t describe the kaleidoscope of emotions going through a person’s mind. Other than writing, her favorite hobbies are drawing, reading and cooking. She lives with her parents in Kolkata and dreams of becoming a great writer someday. She was one of the authors I signed with BLVNP Incorporated, whose published books like Virgin Exotica, The Vampire’s Bride […]

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An balay ha iskina

le-an lai lacaba

For the English Version, click here. An balay didto han iskina Nga mas magurang pa nak inay Nga meada mga orchid Ngan groto ni mama mary Kun ngain duru nak dalagan Kun ngain ak nakigtago-taguan Kun ngain ak dumako Di nak nakilala An balay didto han iskina Nga meada tindahan ha atubangan An meada ngani tulo nga hagtaas nga puno? Didto han gawas Mahilig ak didto magminulay Binantayan ko pa ngani adto nga tindahan Gin kinawat ko adto an mga tsokoleyt Basta dire la makit-an ni lola Di nak nakilala An balay didto han iskina Kun ngain an ak pamilya […]

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That house at the corner

That house at the corner That was older than my mother The one with the orchids And statue of Mother Mary   Where I would love to run around Where I would play hide and seek Where I grew up in   I don’t recognize it anymore   That house at the corner That had a little store at the front The one with three tall trees?   There, outside I would love to play   I would tend to the store And steal small chocolates As long as my grandmother wasn’t looking   I don’t recognize it anymore   […]

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Burauen: Cansiboy Pond Resort

Cansiboy Pond Resort

Growing up in Leyte, I learned that there’s always something new I have yet to explore on the island. And Burauen’s Cansiboy Pond Resort was definitely one that added to the amazing things to do in Leyte. In Cansiboy Pond Resort are three pools that are connected by their water source: the local running river. The water is constantly flowing from one pool to the next, and if you’re looking for a cool solution to a hot day, then this is the place for you. From Tacloban City, getting to Burauen might take a couple of directions if you’re not […]

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5 things I loved about Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali ❤️ Every since I watched Eat Pray Love, it’s been on my bucket list. Something about the peaceful surroundings and that funny Balinese man excited 15 year old Le-an into falling in love with this island. And I can’t believe I finally got the chance to see it. Unlike my previous international trips in Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur, this trip was away from the city, with nature crawling its way into your life <3 Here are the top 5 things I loved about Bali: The way nature enveloped the cities In Bali, a building couldn’t be taller […]

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There’s gotta be more than this

I was eighteen. I was three semesters away from graduating college. I just survived one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded. I had an amazing family, and I was in an awesome relationship. The plan was to graduate college, work abroad, make a bunch of money and live my life that way. But even with that, even with everything in front of me, I took a step back and looked at my life and asked, “There has got to be more than this, right?” When you’re about to die, they say that your life flashes before your eyes. And when […]

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Apo Island: Sea Turtles, Climbing rocks and Shooting Stars

Apo Island: The sun. The beach. The turtles. And the best part? The people you’re with 🙂 On the last day of November, I journeyed through the seas from the island of Cebu to the small island called Apo. A friend of mine visited there a few months ago and has been urging us to go, and it seemed like the perfect excuse to run away to a new island. App Island is a small island nested right next to the tip of the province of Negros, and is famous for the abundance of sea turtles and the volcanic rock […]

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10 Reasons to not Fall in love with a Writer

Fall in love with a writer And you’ll never fall asleep If endless typing on her keyboard Isn’t enough There’s her reading light That will surely keep you up all night Fall in love with a writer And you won’t have anyone to talk to She’ll keep you there, right beside her A muse to be kept safe. Fall in love with a writer And you’ll have an endless amount of pens Even though she hasn’t used The last ten she just bought. Fall in love with a writer And you’ll go broke Not with buying her expensive clothes Or […]

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Kawasan Falls: Secret Passages and Canyoneering

It’s my 21st birthday and I’m celebrating it with one of the coolest people in the world at the mysterious Kawasan Falls. We rented a van to venture into this unknown falls near the south of Cebu City, armed with my crew, my age a year older, and my famous mango float. I’ve only heard of Kawasan falls through friends and amazing Facebook pictures, and the blue waters kept calling my name. After two and a half hours in the van, we finally arrived to where we were supposed to walk through the woods towards the falls. There were a […]

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